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LouverOne of the most dependable producers of various types of louver system, United Arab Emirates. We provide premium solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. In addition to various sunshades, we also create premium parking shades. Your automobile will be shielded from the sun’s UV rays by our parking shade solution. On the other hand, shading options improve the aesthetics of the area outside where you park your cars.

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We are the top manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of system. For public and private parking lots, we produce and offer sunshade solutions. We are skilled at creating shades out of a variety of materials, including PVC, PTFE tensile, HDPE fabric, etc.

We provide customers with specialized parking shade solution. Size, design, materials, textiles, colours, and any other aspect may all be customized. We guarantee quality service that precisely satisfies your needs.

Why Is Parking Lot Shading Vital?

Numerous options for a louver car parking system are available from SUN SHADE. The reasons listed below are why we advised using parking lot blinds.

  • UV solar rays cause the paint of cars to deteriorate.
  • The heat causes tires to deteriorate fast.
  • Direct sunlight can also harm the interior of the automobile.
  • The interior and seats of the automobiles overheat.
  • On the windscreen, tiny fractures and scratches might appear.

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